Up The Grand with Exum

In September 2010, on the last weekend of the season, I had the great fortune to climb the Grand Teton with two of the best guides in the business: Zahan Billimoria and Nat Patridge. Was intended to be a father & son hike, but Z had the prudent, delicate task of turning my dad back before the technical pitches. (S’alright, Dad waited for us back on the Four Seasons patio). So it was back to drawing board on story lines, but Nat & I did have some terrific luck on the summit: a briefly terrifying, then exhilarating encounter: the Spectre de Brocken. Exum shot and edited this brief video, awkward summit high-five & all.

A few months later, I was back in Jackson to report, for Sports Illustrated, on a fatal lightning storm and epic rescue led by the Jenny Lake Rangers, a story I’d first heard about on our September hike. To my surprise (and barely concealed delight), there I was on Exum‘s most recent flyer, tucked in a rack of various tourist activities at the Alpine House. All credit for that to Andy Bardon.