Brad Wieners is the editorial director at Patagonia, the apparel company determined to save the places where its clothing is most useful, as well as the rest of the habitat we all need to survive.

A short-lived executive editor at Men’s Health, Brad is the former deputy editor of Bloomberg Businessweek, where he ran that title’s features desk when it won a national magazine award for general excellence, plus a single topic issue he edited. He also co-produced Bloomberg Businessweek’s annual design issue and conference, and reported stories on Doctors Without Borders response to ebola, a migrant rescue operation in the Mediterranean, and “the number one management thinker in the world.”

Prior to Bloomberg, Brad was the editor of Men’s Journal, and held senior editorial positions at Outside, National Geographic Adventure, and Wired, where, in 1997, he scraped together some essays and photos for Burning Man, the first book documenting the festival. He’s summited a few mountains he’d be happy to bore you about, and to compensate for failed dreams of athletic glory, he often gets in way over his head, cf. New Zealand’s Coast to Coast adventure race.

Along with former employers, he’s collected a number of nicknames:
“Tiny” (courtesy of Stephen Colbert, on a 10F day in the New Jersey Pine Barrens);
“Viking-o” (—nearly every Spanish speaker guessing at where here’s from & getting his high school mascot, at least, correct);
“Mad Dog in the Fog” (—San Francisco Review of Books, because we were all young enough once to embrace a media column named for a sports bar. Right?);
“Braddog” (—the WELL);
“Sven” (—UCLA crew teammates); and,
“Godfather” for reasons that become apparent to anyone who tries to understand a damn word the Viking-o is saying.

He lives in Ventura, California.

Sketch portrait by Johanna Goodman